One Farm Launches New “Dream Tea” Sleep Superfood Powder

Austin-Based Health and Wellness Company Releases Fourth Product in its Superfoods Powder Line, a Dissolvable CBD Supplement Designed to Naturally Improve Sleep Quality

(Austin, TX) – One Farm by WAAYB (One Farm), an Austin-based health and wellness company, today launched the fourth addition to its Superfoods Powder Line, the “Dream Tea” Sleep Superfood Powder. All One Farm products are USDA-certified Organic, plant-based remedies made with sustainable ingredients sourced directly from the farmers that grow them.

One Farm’s “Dream Tea” contains Lemon Balm, California Poppy, Hops, Chamomile, Passionflower, Ginger, Water-Soluble CBD, and other organic ingredients. One notable ingredient excluded from the supplement is melatonin.

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“Melatonin has become the go-to fix for consumers who struggle with sleep or insomnia, but it is not very effective and could have potential harmful side effects,” says One Farm’s Chief Product Officer, Taylor Coomer.

Melatonin is a hormone that is produced by the pineal gland in response to darkness, and while it has been shown to have a positive benefit for people suffering from disruptions in sleep-wake cycles like jet lag or shift-work disorder, according to the AASM there is no scientific support for it helping to reduce general insomnia.

“Instead of including an ineffective synthetic hormone that may have negative health impacts our formula contains herbs and botanicals that have been recommended by sleep professionals and used by humans for hundreds of years to aid with falling and staying asleep,” continued Coomer. “They are also safe to be taken daily without long-term health effects.”

The supplement has a soothing Lemon Ginger flavor profile and is designed to be dissolved directly in hot water. Each container of the Superfood Powder contains 45 2-gram servings. It can be added to baked goods to create a healthy bedtime snack or used in cold drinks with green juices or a bedtime cocktail.

Akin to the other products in One Farm’s Superfoods Powder Line (An Anti-Inflammatory Superfood Powder, Immunity Superfood Powder, and Vitality Superfood Powder), the “Dream Tea” Sleep Powder is USDA-certified Organic and is made of herbs that are sourced from family-run homestead farms. Ingredients in the “Dream Tea” powder are from the Oshala farm in Oregon, Trout Lake farm in Washington, and Foster Botanical farm in Vermont.

One Farm prides itself on providing consumers with the best ingredients, grown organically by small farmers, sustainably harvested, and processed and extracted organically. Being one of the first certified organic hemp farms in the country and fundamentally rooted in organic agriculture, they understand that not all ingredients are created equally.

“We believe it matters how and where plants are grown, which is why we source all our ingredients directly from organic farmers,” said CEO Scott Cusack. “Sourcing directly allows us to reduce our carbon footprint, support small scale farmers, and ensure our customers get only the freshest, high-quality ingredients available.”

One Farm is currently sold online through their e-commerce website, as well as in local Austin restaurants and retail locations including Peoples RX, The Well, Tiny Grocer, Greater Goods Coffee, Gati Ice Cream, Alive + Well Austin, Viva Day Spa, and more.

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