Nature has to offer.

Our mission is grounded in certain truths that serve as the pillars for everything we do.  We are committed to these tenets.

CBD Day Cream with ingredients.
Environmental Conservation Plant Sustainability
One Farm CBD transparency



We believe Nature can design ingredients better than any laboratory can, which is why all our products are packed with whole botanical ingredients to leverage all the benefits a natural extract, oil, or wax has to offer.

One Farm CBD infused skincare ingredients



Our goal is to enrich your holistic health with natural remedies, & enrich the communities we touch sourcing them. Whether you are looking for something to help with anxiety, pain, sleep, irritated/dry skin, or just general health, we want to help.



We believe that Nature can provide solutions to most ailments, which is why it is so important that we do our part to protect it. One of the ways we can help is by supporting and promoting organic agriculture which uses fewer pesticides, reduces soil erosion, decreases nitrate leaching into the water, and recycles animal waste back into the farm. By sourcing ingredients directly from the organic farmers, we are also able to reduce the ingredients’ transportation carbon emissions.

Environmental Conservation Plant Sustainability
One Farm CBD transparency



Most consumer product companies spend all their time on branding and outsource most if not ALL the actual manufacturing.

We feel that what is inside the bottle should be more important than the label on the bottle. We control every aspect of production, so that we can tell you where the ingredients come from, how they were grown, and why they are in our products.