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Ziggy Marley partnered with One Farm to create his plant-based pet wellness line because of their commitment to quality, sustainability, and transparency. ZMA uses the same great USDA Organic ingredients in their remedies Pets as One Farm uses in their human remedies.


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As a company, ZMA strives to provide mushroom extracts that exceed all industry standards. We could only do this with strong guiding principles around sourcing to bring farm fresh supplements straight to your pantry. This visions guides us to source from a small co-op of mushroom farmers in Utah.



Not all CBD for Pets are equal.

One Farm by WAAYB uses the same USDA Organic ingredients for our CBD products for dogs as we do for people.

No artificial colors, No flavors and most importantly No artificial sweeteners, so you can rest assured that your pet will have everything they need and nothing but the B.E.S.T. remedies straight from nature.

We have three different ways to help your furbaby either with an USDA Organic CBD oil, Transdermal CBD cream, or our USDA Organic Water Soluble CBD.

USDA Organic CBD Oil for pets

One Farm by WAAYB organic CBD Oil for Dogs is available in four strengths for every size pet, big & small. Choose between  3.3mg/mL, 10mg/mL, 20mg/mL, and 30mg/mL, available in 30ml. CBD Oil is best absorbed by giving it to your dog using the dropper into their cheek/jowl.

USDA Organic

Water Soluble CBD

One Farm by WAAYB USDA Organic Water Soluble Pet CBD  is a great option for your pet if they would prefer to not have the oil given to them in their cheek or jowl.  Our three ingredient water soluble cbd for dogs is meant to be added to food or water and is more effective with increased bioavailability.

Transdermal CBD for Pets

The Best CBD Oil on the market in a transdermal CBD lotion for dogs. With Ziggy Marley Transdermal CBD Lotion you are able to ensure that your fur baby is getting the proper amount of hemp extract by using pharmacy grade transdermal lotion to deliver One Farm’s CBD.  Just rub Ziggy’s Transdermal CBD cream for dogs inside of their ear or anywhere not covered by fur to get better absorption and targeted relief.

Organic CBD for Dogs Dosing Chart

One Farm Pet CBD Dosing Chart by weight
One Farm Pet CBD Dosing Chart by weight
One Farm Pet CBD Dosing Chart by weight
One Farm Pet CBD Dosing Chart by weight

Common Questions about purchasing

One Farm BY WAAYB Organic CBD for DOGS:

What is the best way to give One Farm by WAAYB Organic CBD Oil to my dog?

Ideally you give it to your pet in their cheek (jowl) for best absorption and exposure to the mucosal layers.

Will my dog still benefit if the cbd oil is given in their food?

Yes!  Many pet owners still experience the same benefits when giving their pets the cbd oil in their food.  You might want to try our USDA Organic Water Soluble CBD for Pets if your dog prefers their cbd in their food because it can have better bio-availability with digestion.

What if my pet doesn’t like taking CBD oil or Water Soluble CBD?

Sounds like our Transdermal Cream CBD for Pets  is just what they need! Rub it in their ear or any area with sparse fur, and it will be absorbed into their bloodstream.

Do you have any more questions that we didn’t cover here? Check out our FAQs page or send us a message if you’re in need of assistance or additional information prior to purchasing.

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