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Give your pet the best USDA Organic CBD available

With our variety of pet products, you can choose how you want to maximize your pet’s daily CBD.

One Farm by WAAYB CBD Oil for Pets is made with the same high quality USDA Organic CBD extract and ingredients that we use for our human products. You can be assured that your pets are taking the same safe and effective CBD that you are! It comes in four strengths, 3.3mg/serving, 10mg/serving, 20mg/serving and 30mg/serving.

We combine high quality natural ingredients with our USDA Organic CBD to give your pet the best that nature has to offer. We control everything from seed to self in order to provide all-natural products you and your pet can trust.



Pet CBD oil provides a natural way for us to help our furry friends enjoy the same lifestyle benefits that we as humans gain from the use of CBD. Because CBD is formulated with non-toxic ingredients, you can feel good about giving it to your beloved animals. One Farm by WAAYB pet products come in three variations, so you can use whichever delivery method is most suitable for your dog or cat. Similar to humans, our four-legged friends also have endocannabinoid systems that are capable of interacting with CBD.

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CBD has the potential to activate your pet’s ECS (endocannabinoid system) in the same way it activates a human’s. If you, friends or relatives have benefitted from the effects of CBD, it might be worth considering whether you think your pet would, too! Many pet owners around the world are making CBD a part of their pet’s wellness routine.



CBD has an effect on mammals because of its ability to stimulate the endocannabinoid system. Several bodily functions rely on the endocannabinoid systems for regulation. The differences in this system, between our pets and us, are meager enough that the effects of CBD on humans and animals are very similar.

One of the most common fears when giving a pet CBD, is that many people do not understand the differences between CBD and THC. It’s important to note that although THC and CBD come from the same group of plants, they have different effects on the body. THC is commonly associated with a “high” feeling because it has intoxicating attributes. Whereas CBD does not have these psychoactive properties and when ingested by pets will not have this effect. Our pet tinctures are lab tested to ensure less than 0.3% THC is included in the final product.

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If your pet has existing medications and you’re wondering if they will mix favorably with hemp extract, we recommend visiting a veterinarian to gain further information on the topic. We are limited because of FDA regulation in regards to what we can / cannot recommend.

There is not a single number, dosage recommendation that will tell you how much CBD you should give you pets. The steps for pet consumption of CBD are similar to those recommended for human consumption. Different products will come with recommendations on serving sizes. Animals larger in weight are likely to need a higher dosage than smaller animals. Generally speaking, a small pet should be given a dosage of CBD either equal to or less than the recommended amount, while larger pets can be given portions equal to or larger than it.

See below for suggestion One Farm’s suggested dosing chart.

Suggested Dosing

We recommend first consulting with your Veterinarian when choosing your pets treatment plan or when adding in any new supplements. Some medications can have side effects when used in conjunction with CBD.

If your Veterinarian has recommended that you try CBD, we can help you get started with dosing suggestions based on your pet’s weight.

Pets Up to 20lbs: 3.3mg – 10mg

Pets 20-60lbs: 10mg – 20mg

Pets 60lbs+: 20mg -30mg

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