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One Farm's Process

The Beginning

The One Farm team have all been early adopters of CBD. We knew firsthand the potential benefits of this plant, but as the industry grew, we saw it become saturated with nefarious players willing to cut corners to boost profits. We felt that finding high-quality CBD products should not require hours of research and wished that someone would create a brand built on quality and transparency.


In order to accomplish our goal, we decided to oversee every aspect of our farming. That means from our very first crop in June of 2018, we’ve controlled the genetics, planting, and harvesting on our farm.

Our USDA Certified Organic Farm is 120 acres located within Boulder County, Colorado, an area known as the “Napa Valley of Hemp” due to its perfect conditions for farming. Through soil tests conducted by Colorado State University and the utilization of subsurface irrigation to reduce water usage, we are constantly working hard to ensure our land remains the ideal place to cultivate hemp.


We wanted to work with more ingredients but wanted to make sure that they were grown with the same level of care and passion that we put into our hemp.

After reaching out to several suppliers it became apparent that most manufactures use large ingredients houses that are often several steps removed from the actual organic farmer.

To promote like-minded organic farmers and ensure that the ingredients in our products were truly the B.E.S.T Nature has to offer in 2020 we started sourcing ingredients directly from the people who grew them.


Adaptations Farm are at the forefront of evolution. Adaptations Inc. is at the forefront of local sustainable agriculture in Hawaii.

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KahKow Organic Cacao

Rizek Cacao has been in cacao production since 1905. Their farm, located in the heart of the Dominican Republic, is distinguished by their genetic material and their extraordinary post-harvest treatment.

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kakadu plum

This super fruit hails from Northern Australia and has been used and harvest by only the indigenous population for millenia.

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