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Kabir Bhararas

Fitness Trainer & Photographer
Mineola, NY

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Kabir Bhararas's Favorite Quote

The important thing is this: to be able at any moment to sacrifice what we are for what we could become.- Charles Du Bos

Kabir Bhararas's Routine

"Turmeric Relief Cream every Single Day on my elbows cause of joint pain from heavy lifting. I use the immunity Boost and R&R every morning in my cup of coffee. I love the cocoa flavor in a hot cup of coffee :) at night I have started using CoQ10 cream as suggested by my fiancé Annabel who is in love with it. Also using the eye serum regularly to prevent any puffiness in the eyes on days I do not get enough sleep. "

Why I Use One Farm

  • CBD Oil/Sofgels before bed for a good night sleep
  • CBD Oil/Softgels in the morning for pain & inflammation management
  • Adding the Daily 8 to my coffee, smoothie, or water daily
  • Daily 8 pre & post travel for immune protection
  • Starting my day adding R&R Vitality Boost to water, coffee, tea, or smoothies
  • Apply Turmeric Relief Cream to my sore muscles and joints
  • Apply Turmeric Relief Cream during injuries
  • Use the CoQ10 Day Cream as a moisturizer

Meet Kabir Bhararas

Kabir Bharara is a certified nutritionist, trainer, and professional fitness photographer. Kabir complete his Masters in Bussiness Administration from New York Institute of Technology, New York and loves to shoot portraits and fitness photography. He also loves sweating it out and pushing people to their limits.

Get to Know Kabir Bhararas

Q1: What’s your favorite book?

A: Rich Dad Poor Dad

Q2: What’s your favorite food?

A: Die hard dessert fan

Q3: What’s your favorite One Farm Product?

A: Turmeric Relief Cream