Why Celebrity Trainer Don Saladino chooses One Farm for his Superfood Nutrition Needs

Over the course of a career spanning 20 plus years, Don Saladino has built a reputation as a leading fitness expert sought out by the media and celebrities including Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds, Emily Blunt and John Krasinski.

When your business is built on your personal fitness and helping others achieve their fitness goals, the products you use and recommend to others better work. So when Don was looking for quality CBD products, to whom did he turn?

Don Chose One Farm

“There are very few certified organic CBD products out there. This immediately eliminates 99% of the market for me. At that point I have to ask myself, who is being fully transparent with each ingredient and standard they are incorporating into their process? That’s how I landed on One Farm,” says Don. “Their team is exceptional and their willingness to improve and develop the highest quality supplements is next level.  Each One Farm remedy I have used has without a doubt improved a specific area and added quantifiable value to my life.”

Since finding One Farm, Don’s incorporated the remedies that make up One Farm’s Superfood Powders line into his daily routine and introduced them to his clients.

“The Daily 8 Mushroom Immunity powder has become a morning ritual for me in my coffee and I will not go a day without using it,” says Don. “Throwing in a scoop of the Recharge and Replenish Vitality powder into anything I’m drinking is an easy way for me stay on top of getting anti-inflammatory and antioxidant foods in my daily habits. It gives me the pick me up I need after a hard workout and allows my body to be more powerful and recover faster.”

One Farm’s line of Superfood Nutrition, including new Dream Tea Sleep powder, is easy to use and accessible to those of us with even the most demanding lives. Simply add a scoop to the beverages or meals that are part of your existing routines.

Other One Farm products have joined Don’s must-have list:

“Let me tell you, the Turmeric Relief Cream has helped eliminate inflammation in areas that I have actually injured during training. It’s become a staple in my recovery routines. I’m using it for a sore muscle now daily,” says Don. “Finally, ⁠⁠I incorporate the CBD drops post-training or in the evening to begin working towards my rest and recovery state. Each element One Farm has introduced into my routine has become part of my system.”

One Farm uses organic ingredients sourced from small batch homestead farms to make plant-based remedies to improve your life. Experts like Don help us develop remedies that stand the test of keeping up with their lives. When you choose One Farm, you choose sustainability, small business and homestead organic farming from a team determined to give you access to the highest quality superfoods without chemicals and industrial farming.

That resonates with Don.

“The key selling point for me is that One Farm allows you to completely understand each ingredient in their products, educates the user as to why it is in there and even where it came from. I have never seen any supplement company do this, ever,” says Don.

Learn more about Don’s One Farm Routine

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