Kakadu Benefits

Reducing damage caused by free radicals is one of the benefits to applying Kakadu to your skin, it also contains more Vitamin C than any other natural ingredient on earth.

Kakadu Plum
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Kakadu Plum

Kakadu plum, or Terminalia ferdinandiana, is a small deciduous tree found growing wild extensively throughout the subtropical woodlands of the Northern Territory and Western Australia.It bears abundant crop of small plum-like fruits.


While the fruit has been used by native Australians for millennia, its use in the rest of the world is relatively novel because it was unknow until a botanist excursion in the 1980s discovered its Vitamin C concentration.

This trip put it on the map and started a race to commercialize it, even leading to Mary Kay Inc. attempting to patent the plant and start a plantation in South America.

Fortunately, this attempt was ultimately unsuccessful and today many local communities are still involved in fruit harvesting which for the most part takes place in the wild on Indigenous-owned land.


Depending on the region of Australia Kakadu Plums are harvested from January to late May from the trees by hand and is immediately frozen to retain its high levels of Vitamin C.


Kakadu Plum is a slender, small to medium-size tree that grows up to 46 feeft. It has creamy-gray bark and deciduous pale green leaves. The yellow-green fruit measures an inch long and .5 inch in and diameter and contains one large seed in the center.


The species epithet, Terminalia ferdinandiana, was given to it by A.W. Exell in honor of Ferdinand Mueller who was the first European botanist to collect and describe the plum.

Kakadu Benefits

It has a higher concentration of Vitam C than any other plant found in nature with levels up to 100 times higher than oranges.

Historical Uses

Kakadu Plum has been used by the Aboriginal peoples of Australia as food and medicine for tens of thousands of years. The fruit was used to treat colds, flu and headaches, the tree bark was more commonly used to treat skin conditions and burns, and the sap of the tree for joint inflammation.

Potential Benefits of Topical Kakadu:

  • Enhance skin protection against free radicals
  • Improve balance for acne prone skin
  • Repair environmental skin damage
  • Stimulate collagen production
  • Smooth skin and repair signs of aging

Our Kakadu comes from

Western Australia

Kakadu Plum is harvested in Western Australia every January and February. In the Northern Territory, the harvest season begins in March and lasts through May. This wild harvest is collected by hand from trees, then frozen to ensure it retains its extremely high levels of Vitamin C.

Kakadu Infographic

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