Our Story

WAAYB was founded in January 2017 with the goal of creating the highest quality hemp extract on the market. It is difficult to decipher if you are getting quality product or something with traces of pesticides, heavy metals and solvents. Our products are made with the best hemp, grown organically in the perfect climate, extracted without toxic solvents, and mixed with quality ingredients.

We oversee every aspect of production from planting, harvesting, extracting and bottling… By controlling everything from seed to shelf, we give you the assurance that everything we make is from our USDA Certified Organic hemp, lovingly raised, cultivated and processed 100% by us in Colorado.

Our Family Farm

USDA Organic

We grow all our USDA Organic hemp on the our Certified Organic Farm. Our 120 acres are located within Boulder County, Colorado, an area known as the “Napa Valley of Hemp” due to its perfect conditions for farming. Through soil tests conducted by Colorado State University and the utilization of subsurface irrigation to reduce water usage, we are constantly working hard to ensure our land remains the ideal place to cultivate hemp.

CO2 Extraction


The primary reason we utilize CO2 it is the only way to create a pure, clean, quality oil that is free of residual solvents.

You are breathing out CO2 right now!  CO2 extraction contains no nasty chemical residues, unlike extracting with toxic solvents that may require many hours to purge the solvent trapped in the oil.  With butane, propane or isopropyl alcohol extraction there may be residue left in the finished product no matter how clean you try to make it.


We produce only the purest high-quality products!

Our current strains include Stormy Daniels, Suver Haze, and Cherry Wine.

Strain Information

Stormy Daniels CBD Flower
Stormy Daniels

Details: This bud boasts

Indica characteristics w/ a potent aroma.

Total Cannabinoid: 15.42%

CBD: 13.22%

Suver Haze CBD Flower

Suver Haze

Details: This bud has an exotic sour apple flavor.

Total Cannabinoid: 16.34%

CBD: 14.17%

Cherrywine CBD Flower

Cherry Wine

2018 Flower Details:  Thick, sticky buds with a beautiful earthy aroma. Great for stress, anxiety, mental clarity.

Total Cannabinoid: 13.01%