One Farm by WAAYB Lemon CBD Label

What to look for on the label or website when you are buying

In this section we thought we would try to decode some things when you are looking at the label of an oil or cream that you are about to purchase.  At One Farm by WAAYB we wanted to be as transparent as our oils when it came to our labeling so that we weren’t misleading to our customers, so they know that they are getting the best USDA Organic CBD Products.

Manufactured For, Distributed By or Manufactured By?

There is a very important difference when you are looking for products or have someone approach you about their new and best hemp extract or CBD oil.  That is how the bottle is labeled (assuming that it is labeled correctly).  Some products have “Manufactured By” on the label which is an important distinction because that means that they have done the actual process of extraction themselves (as we do).  They should have proper chain of where their hemp was sourced, and third-party testing on all of their products to ensure quality and quantity.  The companies with these products are usually very forthcoming with the testing information and can provide information willingly since they know firsthand where the hemp was sourced, extraction methods etc.  Products with the labeling “Manufactured For” or “Packaged and Distributed by” are a very different story.  These products purchase their hemp extract from a third or fourth party.  It is very hard for them to be able to show chain of custody over the quality of the product because they are very removed from not only the process of extracting the hemp, but also where the hemp was even grown.

99.9% Pure CBD

While it would make sense that the purer the CBD, the better, this is another misleading technique that is added to labels.  When someone has this on their label it means that they are using Isolate for their CBD.  In a previous article we discuss how to achieve isolate and some negatives with it.  This does not make the quality any higher or the oil that you are taking any stronger since it is diluted to the same amount as every other product it just means that they have processed the hemp with toxic chemicals to turn it into a powder that is free of anything else.

0.00% THC

This is another one that is similar to the 99.9% pure CBD.  While our oils can test for having less than trace amounts of THC when diluted we don’t advertise that our products are THC free because we know that there is a minor amount.  When people are advertising this, what they are saying most likely is that they used isolate to create their CBD product.  That is the only way that you can have a product that will be 100% THC free. In addition, there are many instances where even though it is advertised as 100% THC free, there can still be detectable amounts of THC.

Cold Pressed

This is a catch word that we are seeing more and more these days. I think that it is a way to catch the attention of people like “Cold Pressed Juice” and as a way to extract that is better than other methods.  In reality when someone is stating Cold Pressed the best that we can surmise (and granted we are not there and a lot of the time they are not even doing their own extraction) is that they are selling either Hemp Seed oil, or they are selling Ethanol Extracted Hemp Extract Oil.

What you don’t see

This is also very difficult for us when someone asks us about the product that they are currently using or possibly are interested in purchasing (we believe that people should be as informed as possible before they purchase anything). We have gone to websites that don’t specifically say who is doing their extraction.  Also, websites that don’t specifically state the type of extraction that they are doing is a red flag.  When you go to most reputable (and some not so reputable) websites they make sure to state that their product is Supercritical CO2 or at least the method of extraction they are doing.  It is also a telling sign if the website doesn’t show you the whole label, just an artist’s representation or the front of the bottle.  To us that means that they are hiding the “Manufactured by” information.  Also as important it is that they do 3rd party testing always be weary of what is written on the test, as in whom it was for (people will get tests done for themselves even if they aren’t doing the extraction), and also know that people have been known to photoshop their test results making them seem better than they are.


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