WAAYB Organics Professional Strength Hemp Extract Oil


Although I have only been dealing with WAAYB for only a few weeks,  after meeting them at my clinical nutrition annual scientific conference (IAACN), I am very impressed.    The speed with which I receive an email or voice response is equal to the best I ever get from any manufacturer.

The product quality is exceptional.  So much so, that I will no longer be carrying the CBD products I have been using with my patients for the past year or so.  The WAAYB brand of CBD oil, (I have been getting the 1800mg x 60ml product), is so much better, that I get the results I need with a lower milligram dose per day than with my previously stocked product.  Since the product I was using before, was far better than most on the market, this finding makes the One Farm USDA Organic CBD Products really shine as exceptional.


Thank you for your product quality and your customer service.

David Getoff, CCN, CTN, FAAIM  Naturopath4you.com

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