Our strains

We produce only the highest quality USDA Organic CBD.

Our current strains include Stormy Daniels, Suver Haze, and Cherry Wine.

Our product is cultivated on our 100 acre family farm. One Farm is committed to producing only the highest quality products that deliver optimal results for our customers.

“Harness the power of organic agriculture and science to help you lead a happier, healthier life.”

~ Scott Cusack

Know where your hemp

comes from.

Hemp has amazing properties to potentially assist with numerous ailments for both humans and pets alike! You might not know, it is also an excellent way to detoxify soil and air where the crop is planted.

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Our Process

Organically farmed, hand harvested, and extracted using a liquid carbon dioxide extraction method. This process allows us to obtain the beneficial cannabinoids without the use of harsh solvents, further ensuring our USDA Organic certification.

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We started this company to sustainably share nature’s remedies to enrich the lives of those around us,
and our commitment to that mission has never been stronger.