Nick's Favorite Products

“I have been skeptical of CBD products ever since they started to catch on in civilian circles. It seemed too good to be true. I tried several other products that were either sent to me, or I bought at the health foods store. None of them were even slightly effective at mitigating some of the pain I have from my years abusing my body as a center in the NFL. So, for years, I wrote CBD Oil off as snake oil being marketed to unknowing consumers.
That changed when I tried One Farm by WAAYB. I was awakened in the middle of the night by a burning sensation in my foot. I had had a really active day. Compiling a  morning workout, 27,000 steps, and a 2 hour Pickle Ball game to finish the night on top of the 2 ankle and 2 mid foot surgeries I had previously (along with 7 other surgeries to various body parts) was apparently my foot’s tipping point. They had enough, and woke me up with some fierce pain. I thought for sure the night was ruined. Then I remembered I had some CBD Oil and the Topical Cream from One Farm. Anything was worth a shot to ease the pain and try to salvage a night’s worth of sleep. I took 1ml of the 20mg CBD Oil and smothered my feet in the topical Turmeric Relief Cream. I felt immediate relief and went right back to sleep.
From that moment on, I swear by the products that One Farm is producing. I love that they have complete control of their supply chain. We know where the product is coming from. It’s third party tested for quality, and, on top of that, it’s organic, which just means that it has more rigorous standards throughout the production process.

I stand by the CBD products from One Farm.”

Finding Center Podcast